Red-Headed Bride


Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)


Deborah Darnell

Status: Alive, Undead

The red headed bride is an unnamed character in the Count Yorga, Vampire movie. She is played by Deborah Darnell.

Appearance Edit

As the red headed bride is introduced long after she's turned, there is no human form to her. She has shoulder length red hair with bang and pale skin one would expect to find in a member of the walking undead as well as piranha like fangs like her master. Her dress consists of pink long sleeved night gown. She wears no shoes, going completely barefoot.

Synopsis Edit

2012-08-10 151954

Introduction of the red-headed bride.

Not much is known about this bride of Yorga's though judging the timing of the death of Donna's mother, it's likely she is the first victim of Yorga. She is first seen when Yorga goes down to the cellar where Donna's mother and she are being kept, sleeping on stone slabs. Yorga awakes the two to which they preform sex on one another for his pleasure (this isn't seen in the movie).


The brides awaken on Yorga's command.

The next time she is seen is when Yorga leads Hayes to the cellar to offer proof he is a vampire, by this point Hayes's friend Erica, has fallen to Yorga's fangs and is now one of Yorga's brides. Hayes checks on Erica but it clear she is beyond saving.


The red- headed bride attacks Hayes with her fellow brides.

As Yorga mocks Hayes who holds him off with a cross. Yorga awakens the brides who attack and feed on Hayes.

As Yorga reunites Donna and her mother.


The red-headed brides and Erica attack Micheal.

The red-headed bride and Erica attack Micheal who finds Hayes dying on the floor. Micheal fends them off with his stake, to which the red-headed bride runs off while Erica stays behind. She is last seen in the movie confronting Micheal and Donna. Despite her master now being dead, Erica and she remain under the curse of vampirism. They chase after the two until Micheal repels them with a cross.


Poor red-headed bride is repelled by the cross.

Erica hides behind her allowing her to take most of the brunt of the religious symbol (though Erica likewise shrinks back from it) before the two are forced into a doorway and locked in.

Gif 201x353 15d905

The red headed bride after Micheal fends them off.

Considering the end of the movie, its likely she and the remaining brides continued dwelling in Yorga's manor and continued feeding on blood.

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